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You can buy our iMovie plug-ins individually or in sets, each set contains between two and seven plug-ins. Sets offer significant savings. To purchase individual plug-ins, follow the link to the set and access it from there.

All plugins are Universal binaries which work on Intel or PowerPC Macs.

Read Dennis Sellers' review at Macsimum News.

Click on one of the pictures or links to see descriptions, demo movies or

Free Samples & Demos
PluginPal --- the Clutter Cutter for iMovie

BKMS - Curl&Copy

Page curl and copy machine transitions.

BKMS - Distortomatic

Five effects in one package. Shown here with text, but will work on any source material.

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iMovie Plugins Curl&Copy

iMovie Plugins DistortoMatic screenshot

BKMS - Fuzzifier

Three plug-ins for blurring images.

BKMS - ExposureHelper

Three plug-ins to help correct exposure problems.

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iMovie Plugins Fuzzifier screen shot

iMovie Plugins Exposure Helper screen shot

BKMS - Flip Flop Fly

BKMS - Flip Flop Fly 2

Two collections of 3D transitions: rotating cubes, flipping postcards, swinging doors, and shuffling cards.

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FlipFlopFly 2

BKMS - All Squeeze

Three iMovie plug-ins offering a total of 20 transitions.

BKMS - Sampler

A selection of seven plug-ins offering a range of our transitions.

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BKMS - Smooth wipes

Soft-edged wipes plus the iris telescoping down to a point, just like in the silent movies.
"Class, well-executed" -MacWorld

BKMS - Block wipes

Checkerboard squares slide to show the new image, plus zig zag and straight wipes.

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Smooth wipes

Square wipes

BKMS - All Melts

The images melt through each other, or in, or out, with dark areas first, or light areas first.

BKMS - All Pixels

Images break into squares, with more squares showing the new image with each frame

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BKMS - Sampler 2

Like Sampler above, this set contains seven iMovie plug-ins from across our entire line..


All our Tiger-only plug-ins together.

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iMovie Plugins Totally Tiger screen shot

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