The Clutter Cutter for iMovie

If youíre an iMovie user, youíve probably accumulated quite a few plug-ins, whether from us or elsewhere. Some effects and transitions youíll use regularly, others only occasionally. Before you know it, the list of available effects is so long, itís hard to find what you want.

Scrolling through endless lists is nobodyís idea of fun. If only you could just make a list of the plug-ins you want to use for a given project, with different lists for different projects, and change between them easily.

Well, now you can. PluginPal gives you a list of your installed titles, transitions, and effects, and lets you turn them on and off. You can save a setting for a given project, and recall settings from a popup menu. You can override a setting, save a setting under a new name, or delete settings you no longer use.

If youíre not sure which effects are in a particular plug-in, not to worry--the list PluginPal displays can show both the plug-in name and a list of the effects, titles, or transitions that the plug-in provides.

If youíve already tried to impose order on your plug-in folder by putting plug-ins in subfolders, PluginPal will preserve the folder layout. If you donít care to know where your plug-in folder is, PluginPal wonít force you to change your ways.

PluginPal will even enable and disable the effects, transitions, and titles that shipped with iMovie. If you donít use them, why have them taking up space?

To try out PluginPal, download our demo version. Itís limited to one stored setting in addition to the default setting, which reflects which plug-ins are turned on when the program starts up. Just unstuff the download and drop it into your Applications folder. You can easily upgrade the demo version to the full version without having to download again.

We welcome your feedback on this new utility, the first of its kind.

Download PluginPal

Note:-PluginPal disables entire plug-ins. iMovie has no provision for disabling just some parts of a plug-in; if a plug-in provides six transitions in one plug-in, you can only enable and disable them as a group.

Download PluginPal

PluginPal screenshot

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