BKMS - ExposureHelper

Three plug-ins to help with brightness levels.

Each picture below shows part of the original frame, with sections on the left and right created with different effect settings.

To see what you can do with these effects, download the demo plug-in.

Tiger only

Exposure Adjust. Allows you to modify the scene as if it had been shot at a higher or lower F-stop.

iMovie Plugin Exposure Adjust effect

Gamma Adjust. Allows you to adjust for different monitors or playback systems.

iMovie Plugin Gamma Adjust effect

White Point Adjust. Lets you select the spot in an image that you would expect to be white in real life. To get the true-to-life color you want, click on the small preview image; when the cursor changes to crosshairs, click on the point you want to define as white. The plug-in will then appropriately adjust color for the rest of the image.

iMovie Plugin White Point Adjust effect

ExposureHelper is $12. Itís also available as part of TotallyTiger: all the plug-ins we released when Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) shipped. TotallyTiger is $32, a 33% saving.

These plug-ins work only with Mac OS 10.4 or later. They work with iMovie 4 or iMovie HD, but only on Tiger or later.

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