Tiger plug-ins

Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) offers very powerful image processing as part of the operating system. Our Tiger-only plug-ins make extensive use of this feature of Tiger.

Sad to say these facitilites do not exist in earlier versions of the Mac OS, so the plug-ins you see described as Tiger-only will not run on any version of the Mac OS before 10.4.

Image processing takes a lot of computing power. Apple's engineers built Tiger to allow even older machines to perform the image processing; but that doesn't mean that it will be fast. The oldest machine we have tested these plug-ins on is a 500MHz G3 Powerbook. The plug-ins worked well, but the wait was long. It took more than 5 seconds to render a frame. If you expect to make substantial use of these plug-ins then a faster computer will make your life easier.

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