BKMS iMovie Plug-in FAQ

1. Will the plug-ins run on an Intel based Mac?

2. How do I remove the demo plug-ins?

3. Where does the installer put the plug-ins?

4. Am I allowed to keep a safety copy of the BKMS plug-ins?

5. I downloaded the plug-ins and all I got was a file called d.aspx. What do I do?

6. Why do the prices not include VAT for customers in the EU?

7. What versions of iMovie and the Mac OS will the BKMS plug-ins with?

8. I have the Fancy Wipes transitions but don't know how to set the target for the Circle Fade Targetable transition.

9. Can I use the BKMS plug-ins with iMovie 2?

don't see my question listed here, what should I do?




1. Yes, all the plug-ins have been tested with iMovie 3.0.3 through iMovie HD 6.0.3. Only versions of iMovie later than iMovie HD 6 will run on Intel based Macintoshes.


2. Locate your plug-ins folder (if you need help with that see #3). Inside the plug-ins folder look for the demo plug-ins -- all the BKMS demo plug-ins have names which start with "BKMS" and end with either "Demo.bundle", "Demo", "Demo PPC" depending upon which version of iMovie you're running. Just drag the plug-ins out of the folder and they will be gone from iMovie.


3. In iMovie 3.0.3 and later user-installed plug-ins are stored in the user's home directory. To be exact they are in "YourComputer/Users/You/Library/iMovie/Plug-ins", substituting the correct titles for YourComputer and You.

The Apple plug-ins are stored inside the iMovie application bundle and if you are going to try moving them be very careful.


4. You are not only allowed to, but encouraged to back up your software. But only for your own use.


5. We have seen this on a very few occasions, it appears to be related to an unfortunate interaction between Safari and the eCommerce sales software. Using the link provided in your order confirmation email, try downloading again using Internet Explorer. If you still have no success, mail support for help.


6. Because the EU says that the VAT rate is determined by the billing address of the credit card used in the purchase. Since that information is unknown until purchase time and the rate can vary in different jurisdictions, we cannot include the VAT in our prices.


7. All versions of iMovie after 3.0.3. All versions of the Mac OS after 10.2.8. The Tiger-only plug-ins will only work under Tiger (Mac OS 10.4 or later). We no longer support iMovie 2 or Mac OS 9.

8. The answer depends on which version of iMovie you are using.

For versions from 3.0.3 to iMovie HD (iMovie 5): to define the target, select Circle Fade Targetable in the transition list then click in the small preview screen, the cursor should change to crosshairs, then click where you want the target to be.

For iMovie HD 6, just click on the image, you will see a gold coloured spot, that is the target. To select a differnt target, lcick another spot on the screen.


9. No. We no longer support iMovie 2

If none of the standard FAQ answered your question, send mail to support.

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